Close encounters of the Sicko kind

I just read on slashdot a discussion about the late, Haut, who left a signed affidavit saying he saw aliens at Roswell when he worked there as an Army Lt. (link)

I don’t know about that stuff, have never had a close encounter, etc.  It’s entertainment for my imagination.  But I just really think life is so short, as an individual.  Even as a society, our circumstances change change radically based on various factors, the environment, food supply, disease, war.  There are so any variables at play.

If earthlings are in contact with extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional beings, I think we should make the most of it.  Wow, isn’t that profound?  Heh, ya, I suppose I’m so overwhelmed with awe at even the possibility of ET/ED contact, that my ego/self kind of gets dizzy and a bit out of breath, and I don’t have much to say at first bat.

What I think I’m trying to say is that I have doubts that I am, personally, “ready” to meet, engage with, socialize with, people of other planets/dimensions.  I mean on some level, the idea is really fantastic, exciting.  And yet, on another, it’s that I’d really have to have my act together.  What I mean is, the barriers to communication, understanding, and navigating the waters of conflicting and shared intention/purpose, would be higher than even relating to a human from the other side of the planet, which can be hard enough as it is.

Furthermore, I can’t help but look around at our society and think that we, as a whole group, are similarly unprepared to “deal.”  I mean, look at US foreign policy.  That in itself is proof for any judge of character that we as a nation are not fit to engage with even more foreign beings.

I look around and so many people seem so clueless.  They don’t “get it.”  And yet, I question my self about this attitude, “pride before the fall” and all … “who am I to judge?”  I’m just one bubble on a wave of a rapid in the river of life.  Here now for a moment, and then, pop!, gone.  Who am I to have this far-reaching, all-encompassing perspective on this world, this dimensionality that I inhabit, this society of which I am a member.

I guess another way of saying this is that we’re so screwed as a society as it is, we’re in no shape to encounter another.  Maybe my perspective is skewed because I’m an American and I just watched Sicko, which really drove home just how materialistic and greed- and debt-driven our US society is.


But there apparently are some people who are striving to consciously make the connection:

UFO Disclosure Project with the National Press Corps.
government agents, army people, etc come out with their info, proof, etc.