I’m sitting in a noisy smoky hostel pub in Prague and drinking a pint of Czech’s pride beer, a Pilsner Urquell. I stayed back an extra day to accompany Amanda on the train tomorrow to Berlin. She’s been sick, and I thought she should have a train buddy with her. The rest of the crew are riding for the next 3 days along the Elbe River to Dresden. From there they’ll train the rest of the way to Berlin. We had an interesting BMF here in Prague 2 days ago. The local bicycle advocacy group Auto-Mat were great, amazing hosts. They did their best on short notice to organize a cool BMF in some local spots like the Farmer’s Market, a local park, and a very unique wine bar underneath a “life-size” Trojan Horse by the river Elbe. They have an impressive level of organization and funding, apparently aided by one of the organizers being friends with the Mayor. Prague is a beautiful city, with so many astonishing buildings from ancient times, even middle ages, with streets that recall horse drawn carriages and long forgotten people, styles, and tunes. I feel pulled again to stay where I am and immerse more into the local flavors, customs, and experiences, but I have to get to Berlin to make another BMF a reality.