A Most Beautiful Child


After my daily meditation and prayer, I suddenly heard a chorus of beautiful and melodious, male and female voices:

Chorus: “We beseech Thee to incline the ear of your heart to the Voice of God at every moment. We ask Thee that even if on your death bed, to strive with your utmost to raise up your attention to the Most Glorious Who is with you at all times.”

(10 minute pause as I get my journal and get distracted reading a remarkable 6 page entry from the night before that I had almost no memory writing.)

Ch: “We see that you are failing to realize the significance of this event.”

Me: “This is very likely …”

Chorus: “Hearing Our Voice is the most significant day of your life. Make a note of the date”

Me: 4/9/16?

Ch: “The Reason for this interaction is first for you to gain experience with receiving …”

Me: “yes”

Ch: “… and for withholding your own voice when unnecessary …”

Me: “…”

Ch: “Good.”

Ch: “Another Reason is to emphasize the Truth of the statement you made to Stephen-David of your own volition that the Most Great Covenant between God and His Creation is that His Grace is Present continuously in every point in space and time. This is a Most Profound Truth.”

Ch: “Now hearken unto the Voice of the Lote Tree …”

(The voice of the Lote Tree was a singular, deep, male, and profoundly resonant voice, rooted in the infinite absolute)

Lote Tree: “Hello My Son”

Me: “Hello My Lord”

LT: “Your wish will be granted of the birth of a most beautiful child with a most beautiful woman. Even 2 or 3 most beautiful children with this most beautiful woman …”

LT: “They will be signs of My Grace and Beauty in My Creation.”

Me: “Thank you. You are truly the Most Gracious … I am … words fail … Infinite Gratitude and Appreciation …”

Me: “…”

Me: “Is there anything else?”

LT: “That is all … for now …”

(spine shiver)

(I had trouble remembering the exact words around the 2nd and 3rd children, so I asked the chorus, and they said:)

Ch: “2 or 3 most beautiful children with this most beautiful woman.”

Ch: “It would be better for you to only have one so that They might receive more of your abundance of attention and love.”