Me: “Oh God, thank you for your Grace & Beauty. In these moments of meditation my appreciation for Thy Grace & Beauty surge and overflow my small cup. The waterfall of Thine Abundance and Bliss overtake me and I am set free to soar in Thy Heaven to wander Thy Earth, to be as I wish to be, to do as I choose to do. Thou art my champion, my advocate, my servant. Thou showest me what humility means. To grace this lowly servant with Thine Infinite Grace is the most humble of offerings. Thank you. Words fail to communicate the degree of my appreciation for Thy goodness!”

Me: “Listen! Listen, Thomas! Listen for the Most High! It’s been over a year since He spoke to you! Have you wondered why it’s been so long? Are you curious? Have you considered that it’s due to your ignorance and lack of care? Is there anything else you would rather have than that most blessed of blessings? Cleanse Thy Self! Prepare Thy Self! You will be glad you did! Yes, your own voice is magnificent and truly sublime as well! There is no doubt about that! But to also get to receive that Most Supreme Voice is an added blessing. Why choose one or the other when you can have both?”

Me: “I see what you mean, Thomas! Thanks for looking out for me, as me! What shall I do to prepare?”

Me: “Exercise more, meditate more, clean out your ears and nose more. Do the 14 hr fast followed by muscle building, starting at 6pm this evening. Self discipline in general is good. You are your own disciple. How much do you care about your self? Welcome to being your own messiah, guru, teacher, etc. ‘I met my maker and my maker is me.’  Sing that song more, and the other one: ‘take another walk in my sweet garden’. You are the One. Train your self, teach your self, care about your self. BE YOUR SELF!!! MORE!!! Work on that new song, both of them! Make them shine with your True light!”

(imagined conversation with the Lote Tree)
Me: “What is the relationship between us?”
Lote Tree: “You’ve said it your self that I am Your Highest Self.”
Me: “Why do I perceive a difference between my voice and your voice?”
LT: “Due to a degree of schizophrenia that keeps you separate from your own highest self. This is partially reinforced by cultural and societal norms, and these have been introjected on your own self.”

Me: “Is my vision of the most beautiful wife & child still valid?”
Me: “Yes, absolutely”