A Whisper

A whisper: “On 9/19/19 a Most Holy Acquaintance will arrive / arise upon My Horizon. Be ready. Be pure. Be as pure light. Shed your baggage. Shed your illusions. Shine your mirror, purest polish, speak your name and truth freely and clearly. Name your price. Set your pace. Censure no one. Criticize less than a single atom. Be attuned to the magnificence and Glory with all of Creation; maintain coherence constantly; surrender completely to your own being and beauty; allow your own Grace to spread to the edge of the Universe and beyond.”

“In other words, be God in all ways, so that you might taste a mere drop of all that We Are. Be as a most cherished guest in the house of your Lord with every moment overflowing with mutual love, adoration, kindness, compassion, and devotion. Allow this infinite blessing to permeate all that this is, was, and will be.”


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