Cash is for SAPS

Status, Access, Power, Stuff

It’s what customers really want, in that order. And this list is also prioritized by “most sticky” and “cheapest to fulfill”.

via Cash is for SAPS | Gamification Blog.

When I read the above, I had a nebulus queezy feeling arise in my stomach.  “Does it really boil down to that?”  Can our collective Id be defined by SAPS?  The article is explaining that in marketing a product to a customer, one needs to realize that those should be the priorities, rather than focusing too much on some kind of cash or “stuff”-based incentive.  I thought to my self that the SAPS model is to “stuff” what my intuition is telling me that my deeper, more universal priorities are to “status”.  Well, if that’s true, I asked my self, then what would I label my top driving motivations in life?  Off the top of my head I came up with: Beauty, Esteem, Excellence, Empathy, Enlightenment, or BEEEE…  That list could probably be shortened to Beauty and Empathy (BE.)

Ha, sounds kinda like hoky new agey spiritual BS, doesn’t it? It does even a bit to me, and yet those are the first labels that came to my mind for my top drivers.  Now, to clarify, the article is talking about priorities in the context of customers in relationship with a commercial marketer, whereas I’m talking about self in relation to Self.  There’s a big difference between these paradigms…. or is there?

In one sense the commercial context is rooted in an existing economic paradigm based on competition within a field of scarcity.  As we humans are creatures of Nature, we will vie with each other for scarce resources in order to survive and be as successful as possible, Naturally (*).  When there is excessive competition, the priorities of SAPS most definitely become uppermost.

As a contrast, people who live within indigenous cultures that have existed on this earth sustainably for countless ages have a very different set of drivers.  It’s difficult for me to define, being that I’m a member of modern society.  But based on a combination of my own intuition and reading about their world view, it seems to me that their drivers are more about caring for each other, having a sense of belonging to the tribe and the landl, having freedom to be as one needs to, and being surrounded with an abundant and nourishing environment that offers everything one needs to live.

On the face of it, the indigenous culture agenda seems like a very different set of priorities than the SAPS model, but ironically each of the 4 descriptions of that view can be interpreted fairly directly by one of status, access, power, and stuff.  However, there’s still a huge difference.  What is it?

To be continued …

* For some, this might not be a given, at least when worded like that, such as to people who view serving others and one’s community as being as much if not more important than serving one’s self.  Well, it can be easily argued that serving others is in fact better for one’s self, when it is collectively reciprocated in the form of the universal Golden Rule.

3 thoughts on “Cash is for SAPS”

  1. It seems to me that there is something of a disconnect between your views of SAPS and your May post of your romp through the Alps, eating Beef Bourguignon and hunting down bottles of champagne. Quite honestly, I’m sickened by the whole SAPS thing too,. Just as sickening is the fact that I have to admit that I value that shit as much as the next guy; resulting in a fair degree of self-loathing.. Though It is a strange analogy, I think it is a valid one.
    Malcolm X had a noticeably reddish tone to his hair, a sign of him having some of the “white devil” in him. It was an issue that he was supposedly rather sensitive about; at least in his more militant days.
    Similarly, I grew up in middle class America, and as such I have the “SAPS devil” in me. And while I readily agree with you and an army of others who have pointed out what a jacked up sense of priorities that is to have, it is – lamentably – as much a part of my prioritization DNA as Malcolm X’s reddish hair.
    That point aside, your website is an excellent one. It is interesting to peer into the thoughts of the smartest person I’ve ever met. Moreover, “Thosmology” is a great name for it.

    Best regards,

  2. Thanks for the comment Andrew. I’m impressed that you not only took the time to read those posts but noticed the irreconcilable differences between them. Actually, the May post you mentioned was the result of my blog getting hacked and that one page was edited to contain some junk sales garbage, so it was most assuredly not my words or thoughts. I’ve returned that back to its original and changed my password. Apparently one of my passwords got discovered in one of the many service provider password leaks.

    To your SAPS points, yes I totally sympathize with your admission of guilt in being driven by SAPS. That’s big of you to own it. I too finds this in my social programming. I think it is not something to feel guilty about, but my attempt in this post is to elevate the four aspects into a possibly more spiritually pure dimension that might still correlate, but would be wholly more glorious for All.

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