Cut Your Hair

Today I recorded some guitar tracks for my friend Grace on her song, Family.  It’s a song about having family all around the world, and that sometimes you have to cut your hair, and cut your losses.  I haven’t cut my hair in months, and it’s grown to be a big ass afro.  Grace hasn’t cut her hair in a longer time, so, I’m not sure what the meaning of that line is, unless perhaps its symbolic, or metaphorical, which is something fundamentalists don’t get very well.  They think Jesus literally walked on water and literally died and then literally, physically, rose again three days later.  There’s no symbolic meaning allowed there.  Come ON, people, he rose again in SPIRIT, his spirit rose, as in the spirit of the truth, the spirit of the message.  His life had meaning even without the way he died.  It’s not all about his death.  Jesus Christ!  Sigh.  Grace’s boyfriend, Sy, cuts his hair from time to time though.

I was thinking of getting my hair cut tomorrow, but I’ll probably wait until I get some good video of my self with my shag, for inclusion in a music video I’m working on for my song, Beauty Revealed.  The story of the video will unfold in such a way that the cutting of my hair will be symbolic of an internal transformation I undergo as a result of the loss of 3 women, all of whom will be played by really hot up and coming actresses.  My interactions with the women will be with the shag, and then after I lose all 3, I’ll go through this self discovery of what really matters, and then I’ll cut my hair, and shave my beard/scruff, and I’ll get up at dawn and meditate as the sun rises over the misty mountains under the oak trees and BE.  And then my dream woman will descend from the clouds on a flaming chariot, clothed in gleaming pure white raiment, holding a golden staff with a symbol on it.  Ya, that’s right, a SYMBOL.  Can you say, SYMBOL?  (If you’re a fundamentalist, you might want to avoid this since it will require mental activity)

Well, maybe her raiment will be off-white white, since according to Ken Nordine, even the purest whitest white that one can possibly imagine, is still, slightly, just a bit, off-white white.  Individual existence is, after all, intrinsically, relatively limited, and only spans a spread of the spectrum, and only to a limited degree, or amplitude.  You only exist to a limited degree.  Nothing that you think is absolute is experienced by you to an absolute degree.  Yes, you DO experience the absolute, but not as much as it seems to you that you do.  Hence, the truth of the off white white.  But, really, focusing on the relatively limited nature of existence can kind of take the fun out of living.  So, screw it.  Even If you think you know the absolute truth, just don’t go expecting me to know it the exact same way you do.  I think it’s great that you have that faith, but it loses its meaning when you force it on someone else, because forcing it inherently admits that it is not absolute, because if it was, you wouldn’t have to force it.

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