This page is an attempt to maintain an up to date list of various different projects I am, or am interested in, working on.

  •   Filling the gaps in an expanding universe with magnificence!
  •  A community-based payment system that is backed by local credit unions and has buit-in gifting to local non-profits and charities. I’m the chief technologist, creating the backend transaction engine
  • A portal to view water quality data of the Yuba River collected by local volunteers. I built the backend system used to enter, store, and analyze the data, and designed the public Drupal-based content management app.
  • A wiki page dedicated to sharing open source design information on pedal power systems.
  • A decentralized social networking system that keeps personal and social information private between friends and social circles. This is a great Facebook alternative that is more secure and private, but also useful for many different types of social apps.

an exploration of the Universe from the perspective of Thomas Spellman