the absurdity of banks

Sometimes I get a glimpse of the absurdity of the current reality …. participating in and yet also being tromped on by these giant ‘immortal’ monsters (banking institutions and the corporations that have risen up around them) that play at truly breathtaking levels with the modern forces of compounding debt money creation power … and I find my self enthralled, disgusted, and amused, all at the same time. The playing field is so incredibly skewed … it’s almost unfathomable … a bank is one of the most bizarre entities that I can imagine. And sometimes it seems the only way to have a chance of protecting and benefiting my community within such a system is to create such a similar monster that is owned by my community and have it vie for our benefit. But that’s just joining ‘them.’ It’s not my ideal of living community. In that context, the best solution I’ve seen is the NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act) plan defined by a non-banker, non-economist, systems analyst. In it, the rules for how banks operate are changed to ones that are more in alignment with how the human mind thinks about growth. It’s a saner model for a global money system, and it seems like it would be so much more stable.

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